Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/LindaYolanda

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/LindaYolanda

I love adoption. Both my kids are adopted – it’s the best thing I ever did.
Whether you’re adopted, an adoptive parent, a foster carer or whatever, National Adoption Week is a chance to celebrate.
I want to use this week-long national focus on adoption to shine the light on related issues, agencies working in the field and one fund-raising opportunity. Most of all, I want to celebrate adoption, because it’s fantastic!

Why adoption is fantastic…

I’m sure you’ve heard the description of a really good sales-person: that they “could sell fridges to Eskimos.” Well I feel like that about adoption.
Here are some thoughts on why adoption matters:

  • It speaks of commitment – there is no greater commitment than a life long one. Adoption is a statement. Is says, “I’m in this with you and I’m in it for keeps – no going back!”
  • It is the substance of belonging. We all need to feel like we belong. But ultimately, this comes from knowing that we do belong, whether we feel like it or not. Adoption is a way of formalizing a child’s belonging. It makes it substantive – putting our money where our mouth is, if you like.
  • It gives a child the chance to re-write the ending to their story. In my post earlier this week we discussed this. There’s no better chance of helping a child to write a better ending to the story of their life, than pledging to travel the road together. All the way to the end
  • It provides prospective safety. Kids who’ve had a poor start in life and found themselves in care, need to feel safe. But safety can be more than a here-and-now thing. It can be something, via adoption, that stretches into the future. Because they know you’re in it with them for life.
  • In the giving there is tremendous personal pay back – this isn’t a motive to adopt. But it is a consequence of it. Despite the challenges (and all parenting is challenging, adoptive or not), the rewards are legion.

Final thought…

There are lots of other reasons why adoption matters. Many of these are personal and specific to particular families. But many are common to all involved. This is a week in which to celebrate all of these.

Join me…

I hope to publish a new post for each working day of National Adoption Week.
I will also be Tweeting links to some previous posts on relevant topics. I hope you’ll join me!
Please contribute to this by adding your own thoughts and experiences. You can  leave a comment by scrolling down, or just click here.

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  • After Adoption is a voluntary adoption agency working throughout England and Wales to help all those affected by adoption.

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