New Directions in Sex Offender Treatment

The Centre for Applied Psychology and the University of Birmingham have announced their 2018 conference – New Directions in Sex Offender Treatment.

I’ll be there (doing a slot on day 2).

For details go here. To download the flyer click here.

An Abbreviated Life (Harper, 2016)

Image courtesy of ©️Harper


An Abbreviated Life


A Memoir


Ariel Leve


Opinion in short:


Beautifully written – an acute observation of middle class parenting gone terribly wrong. It’s a retrospective, told from the child’s point of view. One to challenge the standard definitions of child abuse.

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A wish list from foster care

13 things carers want from fellow professionals...

What do foster carers want?

Photo courtesy of ©️123rf/Scott Griessel

After responding in-depth to a previous post, I asked Melody Barrow to write her wish list – the things that she and her fellow foster carers want to say to other professionals, particularly to social workers.

Here’s what she wrote…

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The Brain: The Story of You (Canongate Books, 2016)

Image courtesy of ©Canongate Books


The Brain


The Story of You


David Eagleman


Opinion in short:

This is one of those books that opens your eyes to new ideas and possibilities. It’s an easy and accessible book to read, written by an expert with lay people in mind.

Star rating 3.5

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Journey to Justice

Image courtesy of ©️Barnardo’s (adapted)

Barnardo’s has recently published a report into its work supporting young victims of abuse, whilst their abusers are prosecuted.

This report contains a valuable literature review, as well as important practice information.

Learn more here. Download it here.


Why it's important in youth justice...

Not many YOTs have parenting workers these days. This is unfortunate.

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So I asked my friend and parenting expert Kelly Cox to summarise why parenting work has a place in youth offending teams.

Here’s what she said…

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Trauma Guide for Parents, Carers & Professionals…

Image courtesy of ©️The Children’s Society

This week the Children’s Society published their Trauma Guide for Parents, Carers and Professionals.

It’s an 8 page guide that looks at an overview of symptoms, a practical guide for what to do and links to sources of information.

Click here for more info. Download the guide here.