Applying the TRM to Youth Justice – Evaluation Published!

Image courtesy ©️Welsh Government

Today the Welsh Government published the evaluation of the Enhanced Case Management approach.

This is the application of our Trauma Recovery Model to the complex Youth Justice cases.

To get the full details from the Welsh Government website click here.

Full report – here. Summary report – here.


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Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Changing the Way We See It…

Photo courtesy of ©️NWG

Photo courtesy of ©️NWG

Training with Jonny Matthew – sponsored by the National Working Group on Child Sexual Exploitation

11th May 2017 – Derby

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New Ways of Thinking to Prevent Sexual Abuse…

Image ©NOTA

We at NOTA Wales have put together another cracking one day conference.

Karl Hanson will be the keynote speaker and the theme is:

New Ways of Thinking to Prevent Sexual Abuse…

Karl is a fantastic speaker and always impresses with the latest research. Hope to see you there!

More info here.

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds (Macmillan, 2014)

Image courtesy of ©Macmillan

Image courtesy of ©Macmillan


Talk Like TED


9 Public Speaking Secrets From the World’s Top Minds


Carmine Gallo


Opinion in short: Interesting, well-organised and full of illustrations. Not short on inspiration either. Best of all it’s eminently practical. If you train, present, speak or otherwise find yourself talking to groups of people publicly, you should buy this.

Star rating 5


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The Guardian writes about our YJ project…

Image courtesy ©The Guardian

On Wednesday this week, Julie Rix published an article in The Guardian about the Enhanced Case Management approach to complex cases in Youth Justice.

The approach is underpinned by and applies our Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) to help young people engage with interventions and deal with their pasts.

Read the Guardian article here. Read the Trauma Recovery Model paper here.

Get training information on the TRM here.

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The State of Foster Care

Fostering Network's 2016 report...

I’m a passionate believer in the value of foster care.

In fact I think it’s the Gold Standard for helping troubled kids who can’t live at home.

Image courtesy of ©123rf/Kateryna Davydenko

So what sort of state is the nation’s fostering system currently in?

So, how’s fostering doing?…

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It’s not about the offending!

A new approach to youth justice...

This week the Youth Justice Board published it’s annual stats report.

There’s good news again – fewer kids in prison, and fewer in the system generally.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Bram Janssens

But we still have a re-offending rate of 37.9% – pretty much the same as last year (and still a good bit higher than it was 10 years ago!)

Here’s how we might fix it…

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Small Great Things… (Hodder & Stoughton, 2016)

Image courtesy of ©Hodder & Stoughton

Image courtesy of ©Hodder & Stoughton


Small Great Things




Jodie Picoult


Opinion in short:

This isn’t a “work book” in the normal sense. But it’s a book that will certainly twist your dials and get you thinking. It’s a book about racism – but it rocks! It’s not technical or academic in the usual sense, but it has sooo much to say.

It’s a compelling story that tackles all the major issues…and then some. I read it in a couple of days over the holidays and loved it. Comparisons with “To Kill A Mockingbird” shouldn’t be made lightly. But they can be made here with some merit.

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