Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Robinson, 2012)

Image ©Robinson publishing

Image ©Robinson publishing




The New Psychology of Success


Carol Dweck


Opinion in short:

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A book which lays out the notion of having a growth mindset. This is explained and contrasted with the fixed mindset. The author goes through how the growth mindset applies to parenting, education, relationships and business. Well worth a read – I’ve already changed the way I praise my kids…

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  • A clear description of the two principal mindsets – the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.
  • Tons of examples from history showing how people employing each mindset have faired.
  • Clear and refreshingly succinct application of the growth mindset to key areas of life – parenting (this is particularly good!), education, relationships and business, showing how it maximises learning, productivity and self-improvement.
  • Accessible language throughout, easy to read and practical.


  • This is one of those books that spends a long time laying out a really basic idea – one we already know – but, unlike similar books, it’s done relatively succinctly.
  • As with The Teenage Brain, there seems to be a lot of hugely talented young people referred to in the book. i.e. there is no application to troubled kids, so one is left wondering how to tweak the principals for this group.
  • The book is written by an American so this needs to be born in mind as the illustrations, historical references and other examples are understandably U.S.-centric.

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