Child Development: A Practical Introduction (London: SAGE, 2014)

Photo ©SAGE

Photo ©SAGE

I’ve just bought this book, as I was looking for something up to date on child development.

Next week I’m training for three days soon on attachment, the neurobiological impact of trauma, behavioural responses to abuse, etc. and wanted to read something to refresh the old brain cells.

This book looks like just the job. I’ve read the sections on brain development and Piagetian child development and they were excellent. It’s summarises the issues very well and the language is clear and accessible – free from the usual labyrinthine academic terminology (see what I mean!). Clear and simple is better.

Kevin also provides additional reading tips, questions to encourage learning and bullet point summaries of each chapter. It’s a book worth having for anyone working with children and young people.

I’ll write more when I’ve finished reading it.

My next post will probably be about the need for people working with troubled young people to know their child development. This book will be a good prep for that…