Why it's important in youth justice...

Not many YOTs have parenting workers these days. This is unfortunate.

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So I asked my friend and parenting expert Kelly Cox to summarise why parenting work has a place in youth offending teams.

Here’s what she said…

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Great little film about autism…

It’s great for explaining the basics and raising awareness of the challenges and delights of being autistic…

Really good for use with kids, parents and in training – and it’s free. Enjoy!

Teaching kids about money

You can do it with Henry's help...

To be honest, I’ve found this issue a real struggle. How do you teach kids about money?

As a parent I want to get it right. Yet I find myself constantly struggling to know how best to handle it.

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

This app really helped me…

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Why punishment doesn’t work…

And what we should do instead...

It’s all about behaviour, right?

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Think about it, most of us spend our time dealing with the things troubled children and young people do.

I want to unpick this a little, because I think we might be barking up the wrong tree…

So how should we understand the things kids do?

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Guide for Parents of Children & Young People Who Have Got in Trouble Online…

This FREE parents’ guide from the Faithfull Foundation is fab!

Image courtesy of ©Faithfull Foundation

Image courtesy of ©Faithfull Foundation

It has 3 sections, each covering a different kind of online problem:

  1. My child exhibits risk-taking behaviour by accessing adult pornography…
  2. My child has behaved irresponsibly by sending or receiving sexual images…
  3. My child has been arrested for viewing indecent images of children…

It’s a great bit of kit from a reliable source – download it FREE here.

Helping Traumatised Children – A Caregivers’ guide…

Image courtesy of ©Child Trauma Academy

Image courtesy of ©Child Trauma Academy

I recently came across this little ebook from Bruce Perry.

It’s a simple and very practical guide to help those caring for children with trauma histories. It’s short, easy to read, and eminently applicable.

And it’s FREE to download, here.


A model for helping troubled kids to recover…

The Trauma Recovery Model...

Ever felt lost for what to do next with a child or young person? Wondering what on earth you can do to make a difference?

Wouldn’t it be great to have map to show you the way?

TRM schematic ©Jonny Matthew & Tricia Skuse

TRM schematic ©Jonny Matthew & Tricia Skuse

Well now there’s a model which brings together needs, behaviour and interventions. It also takes account of development and suggests the sequence in which interventions should be applied.

Back to the drawing board…

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Trauma Recovery Model paper is out!

Dr. Tricia Skuse and I are proud to announce that our theory paper on the Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) is finally in print!

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal published it this week.

To download the journal for FREE just click here.

Scroll down to page 16 for the start of the paper.


If you’d like to keep in touch with developments and other news relating to the TRM you can visit the website or subscribe to the mailing list here.