Why the brain matters in youth justice…

Neuro-disability: what it is & what to do about it...

The very first youth justice case I had, involved brain injury.

It took me the best part two years to discover this, by which time it was too late. The lad went to custody. Needlessly.

Sketch - Brain matters in YJ

Image courtesy of ©123rf/likewise

So it’s crucial that those working with all troubled teenagers know a bit about neuro-disability…

Here’s a summary of the issues…

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Image courtesy of ©ANW

Image courtesy of ©ANW

The ANW are holding their annual conference in Newport on the 17 June.  Title: “Attachment, Adolescents & Adolescence: Young People Looked After, Adopted, or Edge of Care”

For more info click – here.  To book – click here.

Cost: £100 (members £80)  Hope to see you there!  Cheers, J.

FASD: what you need to know…

We all know the problems that alcohol can cause for adults and teenagers. But what about drinking during pregnancy?

Sketch - FASD 2
Photo courtesy © iStockPhoto/ValuaVitaly (adapted)

This is a guest post by Maria Catterick, founder and director of the Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Network U.K. (FASD)

So, what is the problem with alcohol anyway?

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Dealing with insults – 6 steps to help…

The best insult I ever had from a young person is far too graphic to write here. But it was brilliant!

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Maksym Bondarchuk

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Maksym Bondarchuk

Brilliant because it eloquently focused on all the things he thought would hurt me most: my size, my accent and my job.

Anyone working with troubled young people will have had this happen. It’s part of the deal. So,…

How should we respond to verbal aggression?

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Nature or nurture? Finding balance…

At family gatherings, in the pub, chatting with friends – sooner or later it’ll come up: are we the product of nature of nurture?

Image courtesy of ©123rf/pixelbliss (adapted)

Image courtesy of ©123rf/pixelbliss (adapted)

We all have a tendency towards one or the other. But do we really have to choose?

How to re-balance the nature/nurture equation…

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Why kids’ brains really matter…

Every now and again something new comes along that changes things significantly.

In my view, right now that thing is our new understanding of how brain function is affected by abuse.

Sketch - why childrens brains matter

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/kasza (adapted)

We now know that children who have suffered maltreatment in their early years, have a lot more than bad memories to deal with.

Why you need to know a bit about brains…

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Apps to help you help teenagers: No.6 – iAssistSafety

We live in a risky world. But there’s safety and solace in the people we trust. This is true for children and young people too.

Image courtesy of ©Matlecapps

Image courtesy of ©Matlecapps

In this latest post in our “Apps” series, we look at a way of helping children to identify their safe people – those they could turn to if needed…

Who’re you gonna call?…

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Why real rest is crucial for carers…

I remember my Dad telling me one day, when I was about 15, that he’d just booked a holiday. To Spain.

Back in 1980, when a holiday for us meant a fortnight in a caravan in Whitby, this was big news!

Photo courtesy ©123RF/convisum

Photo courtesy ©123RF/convisum

But this holiday would have even more surprises in store. What were they? Well…

No ordinary break…

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Challenging behaviour – going back to the future…

“How do you feel when I do this?” A teenager once asked me.

He then pulled his hoody up over his hair and peered at me malevolently from under the hood.

Photo courtesy ©123RF/Cole

Photo courtesy ©123RF/Cole

He went on to explain that he used this pose as a way of keeping people at a distance.

Why does the past matter today?…

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Developmental perspectives in understanding problematic sexual behaviour in children & young people…

There’s not much I like more than really good quality free stuff!

This webinar from NEARI Press is exactly that. It’s quality and it’s free.

The speaker in this video is Dr Robert Kinscherff who co-wrote an excellent booklet of the same name.

The focus of this presentation is something I believe in very passionately…

Developmental perspectives…

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