Indecent images of children

Guidance for young people...

Sharing content online and across social networks is easy!

No-one knows this better than young people – they are the digital generation.

Image courtesy of ©Home Office

The government has now published some guidance to help young people understand the dangers of indecent images…

Instant – but lasts a lifetime…

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New Ways of Thinking to Prevent Sexual Abuse…

Image ©NOTA

We at NOTA Wales have put together another cracking one day conference.

Karl Hanson will be the keynote speaker and the theme is:

New Ways of Thinking to Prevent Sexual Abuse…

Karl is a fantastic speaker and always impresses with the latest research. Hope to see you there!

More info here.

Teaching teenagers about sexual consent:

If it's not "yes", it's "No"...

If you work with young people, the issue of sex is never far away.

Are they practicing safe sex? Do they understand consent? These are key issues.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Antonio Guillem (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Antonio Guillem (adapted)

Great new FREE video series…

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Are you working with sexual abuse?


It allows you to express the experiences of a child you’ve worked with. Their voice can contribute!

I took the survey – it takes about 10 minutes max.

Yes, I’ve got 10 minutes to give sexually abused children a voice…

The Universities of Bath and Birmingham, in collaboration with the NSPCC and CEOP are carrying out research about young people who have experienced sexually abusive experiences, whether online or offline.  This research aims to investigate how the environment of abuse (online or offline) effects the impact on the victim, and will be used to provide advice and guidance to professionals’ working in this area, to help them better support young people who have been abused in the future.

As part of this study, the research team are trying to gain the perspectives of professionals working with young people who have been sexually abused (either on or offline).

Your information will remain anonymous and will only be reported in group format. Some quotes may be used (with no identifying features in them). If you later change your mind about taking part, you will be given the chance to opt out of the survey.

Yes, I’ll help – take me to the survey…

Thanks for your help with this!  Cheers, Jonny.

CSA research

Working with harmful sexual behaviour:

6 tips for improving your practice...

I spent the best part of ten years working full time with harmful sexual behaviour – HSB.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/skdesign (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/skdesign (adapted)

During that time we dealt with something like 800 young people. After that many cases, you learn a thing or two…

I want to share some tips for  improving your HSB practice. Whether you’re new to this or an experienced professional. A specialist or just interested.

6 tips for top notch HSB work…

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Join the fight against Child Sexual Exploitation…

CSE CampaignSPEAK OUT AGAINST CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION – this is the National Working Group Network campaign to tackle CSE.

For more information about the Network and its excellent work, click here.

There is a library of useful resources and information from NWG here.

Just text the word “VOICE” to 70007 to donate £3…

THANKS! Cheers, J.

Intra-familial child sexual abuse…

I love my family. Most of us do. But for some children, family is far more complex than it should be.

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/lovleah

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/lovleah

When sexual abuse is part of children’s family experience, it complicates matters incredibly. They love their family, too. But then there’s the other stuff…

What do we know about intra-familial child sexual abuse?…

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Sexual abuse – what’s the damage?

It’s a daily occurrence on the news these days – another sexual abuse case. But what of the victims?

Photo ©iStockphoto/enieni

Photo ©iStockphoto/enieni

We know that kids can be resilient, but what other factors influence the harm caused? What do we know about the impact of sexual abuse on the children themselves?

What makes the bad even worse?

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Intra-familial child sexual abuse report published…

Image ©Children's Commissioner for England

Image ©Children’s Commissioner for England

The office of the Children’s Commisioner for England has published a new report this month.

It’s a rapid evidence assessment into sexual abuse of children within their own families. It precedes a fuller study which will report in 2016.

To download, “It’s a Lonely Journey” – An Rapid Evidence Assessment into Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse, click here or on the photo opposite.

Miss this at your peril: 5 reasons to go to NOTA 2014…

NOTA International Conference 2014 – York, U.K. Sept.10-12

Photo ©

Photo ©

Why should I go to the NOTA conference?

…because it is, quite simply, the best training opportunity in the UK for anyone who works with children and young people (and adults) with sexual behaviour problems.

Amongst other things, you can be sure to find:

  • up-to-date research
  • specialist resources
  • practice innovations and ideas
  • support from like-minded colleagues
  • opportunities to build your network, including with others from your part of the country (see the NOTA branches page for more on this)
  • 3 days off work!

So, I guess it’s time to talk to your boss or dig deep in the austerity-resistant part of your purse or wallet and get yourself booked in.

If this sounds like a bit of a hard sell, it is; for the following…

5 reasons:

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Male victims of sexual abuse – 3 myths…

I’ve lost count of how many boys and young men I’ve encountered who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. It’s the nature of the job.

Sad boy...

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/fatnanny

The typical perpetrator is male. The typical victim is female. And we have an image of both in our minds.

Such stereotypes of sexual abuse, whether they are accurate or not, can detract from good practice.

Professionals working with young people who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) MUST think beyond the caricatures. We must reject the stereotypes.

Myths about males as victims of sexual abuse…

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Safer Internet Day 2014

Photo ©CEOP

Photo ©CEOP

Sexting, bullying, online abuse…

11th February was Safer Internet Day 2014 (#SID2014).

If you don’t do anything else, show your teenaged kids this video from CEOP, the Child Online Exploitation & Protection agency.

Teach your child…

If they are ever even slightly worried by anything they see, hear or read online, they should REPORT it by clicking the button… Like this one:
Report abuse


Need further information?…

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