Teaching kids about money

You can do it with Henry's help...

To be honest, I’ve found this issue a real struggle. How do you teach kids about money?

As a parent I want to get it right. Yet I find myself constantly struggling to know how best to handle it.

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

This app really helped me…

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Why punishment doesn’t work…

And what we should do instead...

It’s all about behaviour, right?

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Think about it, most of us spend our time dealing with the things troubled children and young people do.

I want to unpick this a little, because I think we might be barking up the wrong tree…

So how should we understand the things kids do?

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Up Periscope!

Why you need to think about joining Periscope...

I know many of you use Twitter – me too! Well now there’s something morePeriscope… Twitter’s new live broadcast app.

Image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

Image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

And even if you DON’T use Twitter, Periscope is a good reason to reconsider!

Reasons why you should join Periscope…

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Who’s who in the government for children?…

Image courtesy of © CYPNow!

Image courtesy of © CYPNow!

Children & Young People Now have issued a summary guide to the people in government with responsibilities for children.

To download, click here.

MOMO app is a finalist for two awards…

Photo courtesy of ©MOMO

Photo courtesy of ©MOMO

A few weeks ago I reviewed an app which helps children in the care system.

It’s particularly good for pre-meeting consultations, for example kids in the LAC system. Or any other kind of meeting…

The stated aim of the app is:

“…help young people in care express their views more clearly, get more involved in meetings and make better decisions with their social care team.”

For more details and to download the FREE app – click here.

Good to see a great piece of child-centred technology being recognised!

FREE psychology articles from SAGE…


Get free access to to some of Sage Publishing’s top read psychology articles until the end of October.

Journal’s include:

  • Psychological Science
  • Journal of Adolescent Research
  • International Journal of Behavioural Development
  • Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

Here’s the link: click here

Enjoy! Cheers, Jonny.

YEAR 1 Readers' survey...

Hi All,

It’s hard to believe that this website has now been live for a whole year!

We launched on the 1st July 2013 and it’s nearly that time of year again.

I’d really appreciate your input to help me keep improving.


Just click this button:   Survey Button

THANKS again for all your support this last year – here’s to the next!


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New improved website goes live…

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/TonisPan

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/TonisPan

Only a few hours (a night shift!) after announcing my long awaited spring clean of the site, I’ve managed it!

Thanks to the brilliant Get Noticed! Theme ™ from Michael Hyatt, it took less time than I thought.

The site is essentially the same in terms of colour, structure and basic content, but there are some changes that I hope you think are worthwhile.

Among the improvements are…

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Spring cleaning the website…

Cleaning brush - image

Photo courtesy of ©istockphoto/Reinhold_Foeger

Hi All,

This just a quick post to let you know that I’ll be spring cleaning the website over the next few days.

I’ve long wanted to update the theme, add some new features and generally give it an overhaul.

So if things appear a little out of sorts, don’t panic; order will be restored very soon.

I’ll hold off posting again until the changes are complete, but I hope to have everything up and running properly again before the bank holiday ends.

Here goes…


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