Adverse Childhood Experiences & Mental Health – New Report…

Image courtesy of ©Young Minds

Image courtesy of ©Young Minds

This week, Young Minds has published it’s latest report: Beyond Adversity – Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Young People Who Face Complexity & Adversity in Their Lives.

Download it free here.

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Barnardo’s Publishes its Inquiry into HSB…

Image courtesy of ©Barnardo's

Image courtesy of ©Barnardo’s

Today, Barnardo’s has published it’s parliamentary inquiry into harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people.

Download it for free here.


Children’s Residential Care – New Research…

Image courtesy of ©Cardiff University

Image courtesy of ©Cardiff University

Cascade has published new research on children’s residential care in Wales.  Title:


Download the full report here.

Youth Justice Review – Interim Report published…

Image courtesy of ©MoJ

Image courtesy of ©MoJ

The Ministry of Justice has published its interim report of the youth justice review.

Charlie Taylor’s full report is due in June.

Download the Interim Report – here

The Government’s Vision for Children’s Social Care Reform

Image courtesy of ©DofE

Image courtesy of ©DofE

This month the government has published it’s vision for reforming children’s social care services.

The document sets out the goals for the rest of the parliament – what will be achieved by 2020.

My quick summary of the main points on first reading:

  • – attract quality people to the profession
  • – reform of qualification for Social Work & training
  • – reform Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards – “need to find a better way
  • – using data to drive innovation & accountability
  • – clear but arms length regulatory framework
  • – more collaboration across authority areas (e.g. use of “not for profits”)
  • – better support for Social Workers – “innovate as to how these people are supported

To read the full report (it’s only 9 pages) click here…

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Why punishment doesn’t work…

And what we should do instead...

It’s all about behaviour, right?

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/gordond (adapted)

Think about it, most of us spend our time dealing with the things troubled children and young people do.

I want to unpick this a little, because I think we might be barking up the wrong tree…

So how should we understand the things kids do?

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How to promote good mental health… Looked After Children...

Life can be tough. Particularly for kids in the care system.

The very fact of being in care means life has already been very tough!

Image courtesy ©123rf/Jacqueline Moore (adapted)

Image courtesy ©123rf/Jacqueline Moore (adapted)

Aside of meeting children’s physical needs for a place to live, there are the huge needs that spring from family separation and a poor start in life. So…

How do we promote good mental health for Looked After kids?…

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YJB YOT Stocktake Report published…

The YJB and Deloitte have published the report of the YOT stocktake.

Report cover image...

It’s purpose was …

“…to understand how the YOT model has evolved locally and nationally, including differences in organisational structures, funding arrangements, spending decisions, and ways of working.”

Visit the report page – here.

Or download the report straight away – here

Why the brain matters in youth justice…

Neuro-disability: what it is & what to do about it...

The very first youth justice case I had, involved brain injury.

It took me the best part two years to discover this, by which time it was too late. The lad went to custody. Needlessly.

Sketch - Brain matters in YJ

Image courtesy of ©123rf/likewise

So it’s crucial that those working with all troubled teenagers know a bit about neuro-disability…

Here’s a summary of the issues…

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Youth Justice Statistics are published…

Image courtesy of ©Gov.UK

Image courtesy of ©Gov.UK

The Youth Justice Board and the Ministry of Justice have just published the latest youth justice statistics for England & Wales 2013-14.

The stats page is here.

Get the executive summary (9 pages) here.

Or to download the new whole lot straight away (90 pages), click here.