The Chimp Paradox (Random House, 2012)

This is my first completed book of 2016. I want to start making book reviews a bigger feature of the website – so here goes…

Image courtesy ©Random House Publishing

Image courtesy ©Random House Publishing


The Chimp Paradox


The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help you Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness


Prof. Steve Peters

Opinion in short:  

Star rating 3.5

Overall, a book well worth reading. A bit too long – the main juicy stuff is in the first 3 or 4 chapters, but there are some helpful application sections later on.

Very good for illustrating the difference between different parts of the human psyche, with tons of examples and illustrations on how to apply it all.

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Guide for Parents of Children & Young People Who Have Got in Trouble Online…

This FREE parents’ guide from the Faithfull Foundation is fab!

Image courtesy of ©Faithfull Foundation

Image courtesy of ©Faithfull Foundation

It has 3 sections, each covering a different kind of online problem:

  1. My child exhibits risk-taking behaviour by accessing adult pornography…
  2. My child has behaved irresponsibly by sending or receiving sexual images…
  3. My child has been arrested for viewing indecent images of children…

It’s a great bit of kit from a reliable source – download it FREE here.

My new book chapter!

A colleague and I have contributed a chapter to this book.


Transforming Attachment & Trauma Theory into Effective Practice with Families, Children & Adults



Blurb: Healing the Hidden Hurts is a unique collection of professional and personal responses to the challenges that arise in supporting children with attachment difficulties and their families.

The book was the brain-child of colleagues from the Attachment Network Wales and is out now.

For more info or to get your copy just click here

“…if I were to recommend a book on the subject of how attachment affects children, as well as excellent suggestions for healing, this is the book.”  (Nancy Verrier – author)

“I hope when you have read the following 14 chapters, each one as brave as it is personal, you will feel as uplifted as I did when I first had the pleasure of reading this exceptional volume.”  (From the foreword by David Howe)


Harmful sexual behaviour in adolescents – key books…

When I meet someone who’s an expert in their field, I often ask this question: “What single book would you recommend to someone who wants an overview of this subject?”

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/Sashkinw

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/Sashkinw

Occasionally-when there are no experts available!-I’m asked the same question. One of the subjects that crops up more than most is harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) in children and young people…

Good reading on HSB…

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Child Development: A Practical Introduction (London: SAGE, 2014)

Photo ©SAGE

Photo ©SAGE

I’ve just bought this book, as I was looking for something up to date on child development.

Next week I’m training for three days soon on attachment, the neurobiological impact of trauma, behavioural responses to abuse, etc. and wanted to read something to refresh the old brain cells.

This book looks like just the job. I’ve read the sections on brain development and Piagetian child development and they were excellent. It’s summarises the issues very well and the language is clear and accessible – free from the usual labyrinthine academic terminology (see what I mean!). Clear and simple is better.

Kevin also provides additional reading tips, questions to encourage learning and bullet point summaries of each chapter. It’s a book worth having for anyone working with children and young people.

I’ll write more when I’ve finished reading it.

My next post will probably be about the need for people working with troubled young people to know their child development. This book will be a good prep for that…

Putting attachment theory to work…

Book review...

Clarks book

Photo courtesy of ©Pavilion Publishing

Great for working with TEENAGERS

Attachment-Based Practice with Adults: Understanding Strategies and Promoting Positive Change, Pavilion Publishing, Brighton, UK. ISBN-13: 978-1908066176

In recent years I’ve come to really appreciate what attachment theory has to offer. And I find it fascinating!

But theories by themselves don’t offer much. Particularly to those of us involved in direct work with troubled people.

We know that these folks have a messed up development. And we know that attachment is a huge part of it.

But one nagging question just won’t go away:

How do I practice in an attachment-based way?

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How to read when you’re busy! Part 2…

Books & clock

Photo courtesy ©iStockphoto/Bet_Noire

Part 1 of this topic, “Winning the mind game,” addressed why and how we can get started towards reading more.

Now we want to look at the practical steps we can take to help us.

This was my biggest obstacle. How, when, where was I going to find the time to read? There’s only one way…

Part 2 – Getting practical…

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How to read when you’re busy! Part 1…

Clock & books - image

Photo courtesy ©iStockphoto/SarapulSar38

I wonder if you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to read more, but I just don’t have the time!”

Mm, me too.

The benefits of reading are many, but it’s a tough challenge.

Here’s what worked for me…

Part 1 – Winning the mind game…

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