Applying the TRM to Youth Justice – Evaluation Published!

Image courtesy ©️Welsh Government

Today the Welsh Government published the evaluation of the Enhanced Case Management approach.

This is the application of our Trauma Recovery Model to the complex Youth Justice cases.

To get the full details from the Welsh Government website click here.

Full report – here. Summary report – here.


Teaching teenagers about sexual consent:

If it's not "yes", it's "No"...

If you work with young people, the issue of sex is never far away.

Are they practicing safe sex? Do they understand consent? These are key issues.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Antonio Guillem (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Antonio Guillem (adapted)

Great new FREE video series…

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Trauma Recovery Model paper is out!

Dr. Tricia Skuse and I are proud to announce that our theory paper on the Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) is finally in print!

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal published it this week.

To download the journal for FREE just click here.

Scroll down to page 16 for the start of the paper.


If you’d like to keep in touch with developments and other news relating to the TRM you can visit the website or subscribe to the mailing list here.

Dealing with insults – 6 steps to help…

The best insult I ever had from a young person is far too graphic to write here. But it was brilliant!

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Maksym Bondarchuk

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Maksym Bondarchuk

Brilliant because it eloquently focused on all the things he thought would hurt me most: my size, my accent and my job.

Anyone working with troubled young people will have had this happen. It’s part of the deal. So,…

How should we respond to verbal aggression?

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FREE webinars from NEARI Press…

NEARI PressFor those of you who aren’t familiar with NEARI Press, they provide excellent publications, courses and webinars in the field of sexual abuse – for both adults and children/young people.

To see the list of FREE webinars planned for this year – click here.

(I’ll be joining the one on the impact of pornography on youth culture)

I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter, which usually has a summary of a piece of research on HSB or related field – click here.