Training opportunity…

Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Changing the Way We See It…

Photo courtesy of ©️NWG

Photo courtesy of ©️NWG

Training with Jonny Matthew – sponsored by the National Working Group on Child Sexual Exploitation

11th May 2017 – Derby

For more information click here.

What makes a good trainer? 2

How to be better...

Ever been on training and wished you were somewhere else?  Me too.

In our last blog on this subject, we looked at what it is about the trainer themselves that makes us like them.

Sketch - What makes a good trainer 2

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/kasto (adapted)

Today, I want to look a bit more at what it is that trainers do, that makes them good.

6 things that good trainers do…

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NOTA Wales 2016

One Day Spring Conference on 22 April in Newport...

This year’s NOTA Wales Spring Conference is going to be a cracker!

We have David Prescott heading the event for us – he’ll be talking about feedback informed treatment…

NOTA Wales 2016


David PrescottDavid Prescott…

David is our keynote speaker this year. He is one of the world’s foremost thinkers and practitioners on assessing and treating sexual violence and trauma.

He has produced 13 different book projects as well as numerous articles, academic papers and book chapters.

David currently serves as Director of Professional Development and as a Clinical Director of Beckett Family Services in the U.S.

His subject this year: feedback informed treatment and answering delegates’ questions!

Here are the details…

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Image courtesy of ©ANW

Image courtesy of ©ANW

The ANW are holding their annual conference in Newport on the 17 June.  Title: “Attachment, Adolescents & Adolescence: Young People Looked After, Adopted, or Edge of Care”

For more info click – here.  To book – click here.

Cost: £100 (members £80)  Hope to see you there!  Cheers, J.

FREE webinars from NEARI Press…

NEARI PressFor those of you who aren’t familiar with NEARI Press, they provide excellent publications, courses and webinars in the field of sexual abuse – for both adults and children/young people.

To see the list of FREE webinars planned for this year – click here.

(I’ll be joining the one on the impact of pornography on youth culture)

I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter, which usually has a summary of a piece of research on HSB or related field – click here.


Developmental perspectives in understanding problematic sexual behaviour in children & young people…

There’s not much I like more than really good quality free stuff!

This webinar from NEARI Press is exactly that. It’s quality and it’s free.

The speaker in this video is Dr Robert Kinscherff who co-wrote an excellent booklet of the same name.

The focus of this presentation is something I believe in very passionately…

Developmental perspectives…

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FREE behavioural science articles from Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis OnlineGet free access to some of Taylor & Francis’ top-read behavioural science articles until 31 December

Subject areas include:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Mental health
  • Neuroscience & neuropsychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychotherapy & counselling
  • Sexuality & sexual health

Here’s the link: click here

Enjoy! Cheers, Jonny.

Calling all who work with sexual abuse…

NOTA New logo




Do you:

  • Work with sexual abuse?
  • Specialise in harmful sexual behaviour?
  • Work in an SOTP programme?
  • Undertake sexual abuse assessments?
  • Look after abused or abusing children or young people?
  • Manage people who do any of the above?

Then please consider attending the NOTA 2014 conference.

In my view, it’s simply the best training available on all aspect of working with sexual abuse.

Download a flyer here. Or click here to book.

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Miss this at your peril: 5 reasons to go to NOTA 2014…

NOTA International Conference 2014 – York, U.K. Sept.10-12

Photo ©

Photo ©

Why should I go to the NOTA conference?

…because it is, quite simply, the best training opportunity in the UK for anyone who works with children and young people (and adults) with sexual behaviour problems.

Amongst other things, you can be sure to find:

  • up-to-date research
  • specialist resources
  • practice innovations and ideas
  • support from like-minded colleagues
  • opportunities to build your network, including with others from your part of the country (see the NOTA branches page for more on this)
  • 3 days off work!

So, I guess it’s time to talk to your boss or dig deep in the austerity-resistant part of your purse or wallet and get yourself booked in.

If this sounds like a bit of a hard sell, it is; for the following…

5 reasons:

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