Custody report 2014-15…

The prison inspectorate and the Youth Justice Board have published their joint report into children in custody during 2015-15.

Image courtesy of ©HMIP & YJB

Image courtesy of ©HMIP & YJB

The report is, “An Analysis of 12-18 Years Olds’ Perceptions of Their Experience in Secure Training Centres and Young Offender Institutions.”

Download it here.

Trauma Recovery Model paper is out!

Dr. Tricia Skuse and I are proud to announce that our theory paper on the Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) is finally in print!

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

Image courtesy of ©Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal published it this week.

To download the journal for FREE just click here.

Scroll down to page 16 for the start of the paper.


If you’d like to keep in touch with developments and other news relating to the TRM you can visit the website or subscribe to the mailing list here.

YJB YOT Stocktake Report published…

The YJB and Deloitte have published the report of the YOT stocktake.

Report cover image...

It’s purpose was …

“…to understand how the YOT model has evolved locally and nationally, including differences in organisational structures, funding arrangements, spending decisions, and ways of working.”

Visit the report page – here.

Or download the report straight away – here

Why the brain matters in youth justice…

Neuro-disability: what it is & what to do about it...

The very first youth justice case I had, involved brain injury.

It took me the best part two years to discover this, by which time it was too late. The lad went to custody. Needlessly.

Sketch - Brain matters in YJ

Image courtesy of ©123rf/likewise

So it’s crucial that those working with all troubled teenagers know a bit about neuro-disability…

Here’s a summary of the issues…

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Young offenders as victims…

6 key recommendations for youth justice...

About 3 hours in to my first day in a youth justice team, one thing became clear.

Most of these kids are victims too!

Photos courtesy of ©iStockphoto/Imgorthand & ©123rf/AlexanderRaths (adapted)

Photos courtesy of ©iStockphoto/Imgorthand & ©123rf/AlexanderRaths (adapted)

So how do we address the victim needs of young people who offend?

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Why Youth Offending Teams should also handle 18-21 year olds…

I’ve spent over 20 years working in Youth Justice. I love it.

But there are some things that I think need to change about the way we deal with young people who offend. Here’s one of them…

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/ChrisHepburn (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/ChrisHepburn (adapted)

Why 17 is too young to stop calling it YOUTH justice…

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Youth Justice Statistics are published…

Image courtesy of ©Gov.UK

Image courtesy of ©Gov.UK

The Youth Justice Board and the Ministry of Justice have just published the latest youth justice statistics for England & Wales 2013-14.

The stats page is here.

Get the executive summary (9 pages) here.

Or to download the new whole lot straight away (90 pages), click here.

Risk? What risk?…

“Risk” is one of those words. It gets used a lot. Often without much explanation.

Risks ahead - signpost...

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/DNY59

Children and young people are often spoken of as being “at risk,” or as “posing risks” to others.

But what do we mean by these terms?

What is “risk?”

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