Looking After No.1

Self-Care for People Working with Troubled Children & Young People


Whatever your role, because you work with troubled kids, that means you must be…

New Book – Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Ion Chiosea (adapted)

  • A caring person. You wouldn’t do the job otherwise. That also means…
  • You probably don’t care for yourself as much as you should!

Now before you click off let me say one more thing:


Why?  Because if you’re not on top form, you can’t do the best possible job for them.

And that’s what this is all about – the children and young people themselves.

If, like me, you want to be the best version of yourself so you can really help the kids you work with – then you need to take better care of you.

That’s why I’ve pulled together this little book on self-care.  It’s called:

“Looking After No.1 – Self-Care for People Working with Troubled Children.” 

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A common mistake we all make…

Those who care for others often neglect themselves, which takes away from their effectiveness with the kids they serve.

This book shows why this is a mistake and how we can better “Look After No.1.


  • The need for honesty about the impact of work
  • The importance of remembering our “why”
  • How to beat burnout
  • Practical hacks for doing better self-care
  • Tips for building self-care into your routine
  • How to enlist the support of others

There are action points at the end of sections to help us identify change and start taking small steps towards better practice.

If you want to be the best version of yourself and do the best possible job for the kids you work with – in whatever capacity – this book is for you.

Read a full description, take a peep inside the book or just buy it here…

Most of this material is available for free on the website in different blog posts – but not all of it.

That’s why it’s only £2.97 to buy in eBook or £3.97 in paperback! And it’s a lot easier to have it all in one place. So why not check it out. (AUDIOBOOK version coming soon – watch this space!)

I hope you enjoy it!


Jonny signatureP.S. Feeling a bit frazzled? Read what others are saying about this helpful little book. Here’re a couple to whet your appetite…

“Sometimes we overlook our own well-being when we are immersed in working with children to improve their lives… The strength of this book is the way in which Jonny links in his own experience with an openness and honesty that gives his ideas and tips an authenticity that resonates strongly and leaves you reflecting on your own experience. If you ever wondered what good supervision should be all about this book will help you. And if you are working with children and young people in a professional capacity this quick read will leave you with much to think on as you develop your own practice whilst remembering to protect your physical and mental well-being. It’s a top read from a top practitioner.” Keith Towler – former Children’s Commissioner for Wales

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Foster Carer…

This was a helpful reminder of something very obvious but much overlooked, that we will give our best care when we care for ourselves. I appreciated that it was easy to read and practical in suggestions. I only hope it’s message gets out there to the managers and supervisors who ‘support’ those working with challenging children.

To read a full description, take a peep inside the book or just buy it here…

Social Woker…

This is an incredibly easy book to read, no jargon and based on the personal experience and knowledge of Jonny. He writes it from the heart and with a lot of passion for the troubled young people he has cared for over the years and the carers who are doing it now. What it does is validate the times when carers have to take their ‘time out’ to continue the very demanding role and it almost gives them the permission to do it without feeling guilty. Carers of young people are by nature usually totally selfless and need to be supported to ‘Look after themselves’ practitioners can use this book as a way to start conversations and help carers recognise when they need to ‘look after number 1’ first in order to continue doing the fantastic job they are doing. It is written with humour and humility and Jonny’s personality shines through.

Training Officer…

Excellent resource for all those who work in a paid or unpaid capacity with young people. If you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after others.