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It’s not that long since I launched this site. But one of the recurring comments I get is, “I really like the site,” followed quickly by, “who did it for you?” The truth is, I did it myself, but with a lot of help from my techy younger brother, Pete Matthew.

Others have asked about other things. Sometimes it’s books, sometimes it’s information or advice. Some of this stuff is not related to the focus of this website: promoting recovery in troubled young people. There are separate information and books pages for that.

So I thought it might be useful to have a page that says a bit about the “other stuff” that I like and use. So here goes…





Ever had to email a file to yourself? You’re working on someone else’s computer and need the file at home later, so you email it – to yourself. Yep, so have I. No need to, Dropbox solves that!

Ever been away from your desk and wished you could get to a file on your computer at home? Or got something on your desktop or laptop and wished you could get it on your phone or iPad when you’re out and about? Me too! Now you can – using Dropbox.

Think of Dropbox as another place to save stuff on your computer. All you do is make it your main place to save things, and you can then access this stuff whenever and wherever you want. Simple. All you do is download Dropbox onto your computer, follow the simple instructions and away you go.

Did I also mention, IT”S FREE!


If. like me, you sometimes struggle to read as much as you’d like, you should give Audible a try. It’s an Amazon service that provide audio books – they’re great for the car, iPod or phone and for listening on the move. They have a FREE 30 day trial and you get to keep the free book even if you don’t follow on and subscribe. Worth a try: just click…


FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting




If you’re anything like me, you’ll be better at some things than others. Money is one thing I’m pretty hopeless at.

So when I went freelance I needed a package that would help me deal with my invoicing, billing, expense recording and eventually, my tax return. I found it in FreeAgent.

The £18 a month it costs me is worth many times that in efficient financial accounting. Just get it – you won’t regret it!





Like Dropbox, once Evernote is set up, it can be accessed on any of your devices. Wherever you are. If you can get online, you can get your Evernote stuff.

Think of it as a mega-notebook. It can capture documents, photos, notes, webpages, video – practically anything you like. Your stuff is then available whenever and wherever you are, on whatever device you happen to have with you. Brilliant!

You can have different notebooks for different things. I have notebooks for work, the kids, my research, ceramics ( a hobby!) – all sorts. You can tag individual notes too. One of Evernote’s best features is it’s powerful search capability. So if you forget what you called a note – just enter key words from the note and you get instant access to notes with those words in them.

And IT”S FREE. Watch a short video about what Evernote can do, here:


Evernote essentials


Once you’ve used Evernote, you’ll love it. Then you’ll want to get the best out of it. There’s only one book to read – Evernote Essentials. Brett Kelly’s book has been so well received that Evernote now employ him to write their documentation for them! Pretty good endorsement, eh?

You can get it here.


Blue Host is the easiest hosting service to get going with: great support and very competitive costs. I recently went through this process again for our other website ( and can confirm that the process is very straight forward! Give it a go here.







This is one of the most marked books in my (very extensive) collection. It summarises the brilliant blogging of Michael Hyatt.

The strap line for the book is: “get noticed in a noisy world – a step-by-step guide for anyone with something to say or sell.”

In building this website, harnessing social media and preparing for self-employment, this book has been a godsend for me. It’s a must for those interested in getting started with such projects. But it’s well worth a read for anyone wanting to get to grips with selling or getting their voice heard. Whether its for a church, a charity, a band, a product, a cause…or whatever!

Easy to read, short chapters and eminently practical, this is a real “how to” guide. Worth every penny!


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  • Adam Drake

    Hi Jonny,

    I took your recommendation and read “Platform”. What a book! I read it like a novel, from cover to cover in around 3 days, making notes along the way. Am planning on explaining the book to Karrie and getting her to read it too. Has serious potential. Thanks for the recommendation.


  • No worries, Adam, I’m glad you found it useful. I was skeptical when I first saw it, but was blown away by the sheer practicality of it.