ACEs and Resilience

An update to the Adverse Childhood Experiences research...

Public Health Wales and the University of Bangor have published their report on the relationship between resilience and the onset of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Image courtesy of ©Public Health Wales

The report gives clues for those working with both children and adults – about how to mitigate the impact of ACEs…

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TRM-related books…

Easy access to books recommended during our training!

I’ve been training a lot on the Trauma Recovery Model recently and frequently get asked for further reading and pointers to good books…

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/damedeeso

So I thought I’d put together a quick guide to some of the main ones so that folks can easily get through to them for a nosey – and buy them if you wish.*

Check these out…

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Rock star colleagues

2 characteristics of talented helpers...

In training this week we had a fascinating discussion about what it is that best helps troubled young people.

More specifically, what is it about those people who are particularly good at it, that makes them stand out?

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Panithan Fakseemuang (adapted)

Two key features of rock star colleagues…

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Challenging behaviour – going back to the future…

“How do you feel when I do this?” A teenager once asked me.

He then pulled his hoody up over his hair and peered at me malevolently from under the hood.

Photo courtesy ©123RF/Cole

Photo courtesy ©123RF/Cole

He went on to explain that he used this pose as a way of keeping people at a distance.

Why does the past matter today?…

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Attachment – what is it?

It’s been a tough year! In fact it’s been the toughest year of my life to date. For all kinds of reasons.

This is relevant here because of one thing that’s happened as a result.

Mothers Hands - iStock_000002861933XSmall

Photo courtesy of ©istockphoto/DLeonis

I’ve had a lot more contact with my wider family. Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother – all of them. I’ve been struck by how much my focus has shifted back “home” when the pressure has been on.

“Home” in this context is not a place, though it could include that. It’s about people. People we feel safe with. People we can trust. People who really know us, and love us anyway. People who act as a secure base. A safe harbour, if you like, to shelter us from navigating the stormy waters of life on our own.

Why attachment matters… 

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