YOIs Need More Staff, not Less…

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The marked reduction in the number of young people entering the youth justice system in recent years has been well documented.

There have been some quite stark figures to illustrate this….

For example:

Overall there were 137,335 proven offences by young people in 2011/12, down 22 per cent from 2010/11 and down 47 per cent since 2001/02.

Where does this leave youth justice?…

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Green Paper Consultation Session in Cardiff…


Around 60 professionals gathered in Cardiff’s Maldron Hotel today to take part in the joint Ministry of Justice and Youth Justice Board consultation exercise on the government’s green paper, Transforming Youth Custody.

Presentations outlined the current figures and trends in youth custody and the government’s vision to place education at the heart of the youth secure estate.  Among the areas discussed were: tailoring education to the custodial setting; meeting the wider needs of young people; improving transitions between custody and community; and improving outcomes.

As in all public service settings currently, the backdrop for the proposed changes is one of austerity and the need to ensure value for money.  In a notoriously expensive part of the public sector, this is no small challenge!

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