Celebrating Prevention

Finding satisfaction in what doesn't happen...

My first job was as an apprentice mechanic in a garage. I loved it!

At the end of each day I could add up the customer bills and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I’d earned my keep. I knew what I’d produced.

Sketch - Celebrating Prevention

Working with troubled kids isn’t like that.

So how do we know we helped?…

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How to avoid being overwhelmed

Letting ourselves off the hook...

A colleague said to me recently, “we have a massive job to do, here!”

He was talking about how challenging it is helping some very troubled young people to engage with services and start making progress.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/alphaspirit (Adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/alphaspirit (Adapted)

At times our work can feel overwhelming…

So how do we avoid being swamped?…

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Top Tip for 2016

Hold on to your hats, we're off again!

Well, the festivities are over and we’re off the starting line for another year.

Knowing how hard you all work and what a tough job caring for troubled kids can be, I thought I’d make this first blog post about that…

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Ion Choisea (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/Ion Choisea (adapted)

Why your first job this year is you!

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Resisting the pull of work…

Why we should rest & some ideas how...

Summertime is here – despite the rubbish weather! The kids are out of school and it’s time for a breather. A rest…

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/tomwang (adapted)

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/tomwang (adapted)

But taking a break isn’t always easy, is it?

Here’s why we should rest & some ideas how

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Worker grief – it’s time to speak up…

I have 6 names written in the front of my work diary. 6 children I worked with. They are all no longer with us. They died.

Photo courtesy ©123rf/racorn (adapted)

Photo courtesy ©123rf/racorn (adapted)

Sooner or later, anyone working with troubled children will experience grief of one kind or another.

Loss comes in many forms…

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Why real rest is crucial for carers…

I remember my Dad telling me one day, when I was about 15, that he’d just booked a holiday. To Spain.

Back in 1980, when a holiday for us meant a fortnight in a caravan in Whitby, this was big news!

Photo courtesy ©123RF/convisum

Photo courtesy ©123RF/convisum

But this holiday would have even more surprises in store. What were they? Well…

No ordinary break…

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Looking after no. 1...

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/cokacoka

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/cokacoka

I’ve recently had a couple of days off and I’m still tired.

May be it’s the late nights or the chocolate-filled days. May be it’s just being 50 years old!

Or may be some of it is due to the impact of working with troubled young people for 20 odd years – it can certainly takes its toll.

Once again I’m looking in the mirror asking, “do I look after myself enough?”

Do you?

How you could look after yourself better (& a bit about why)…

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5 Self-care tips for carers…

Looking After No.1...

Those of us who work to help others, often neglect ourselves.

Psychologists call the impact of our work, “vicarious traumatisation” (VT). In other words, dealing with the struggles of troubled young people can have a similar impact on us.

Tired - Sandoclr - iStock_000000053566XSmall

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/sandoclr

We empathise with them, we engage closely with them – this has an impact. The helper is affected.

Caring is hard. Keeping going is sometimes really hard. I discovered this the hard way…

What happened to me…

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How to keep on caring:

6 lessons for success...

I once spent several hours in the company of a very successful man.

He is successful in business. Not really my thing, business, but I learnt hugely from him.

Success perseverance - iStock_000003052251XSmall

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/AnnieCounie

This guy started from nothing and made it big. He has 300+ employees and looks after dozens and dozens of elderly people and adults with learning disabilities.

The more I thought about our meeting, the more I realised there are lessons here for all of us who work with people. Particularly people with challenging problems. Here’s what I learned:

6 lessons for success in the caring professions…

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