In prison and in distress…

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Custody is a tough place to be. I guess some sections of the public may think that’s a good thing.

After all, prison is about punishment, right? Mmm.

A recent inspection report into Eastwood Park prison near Bristol highlighted the issue of self-harm.

So may be we should “listen” to the behaviour of those in custody before we make that judgment…

What behaviour tells us…

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Youth suicide: risk & protective factors…

Current suicide rates for the 15-24 age group is currently running at around 8% in the UK (per 100,000).

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In 2011 (latest figures) The Samaritans took over 600,000 calls from people expressing suicidal feelings.

Not wishing to alarm anyone, but I’ve been there myself. It’s horrible. And terrifying. And, worst of all, it’s lonely.

Those of us who work with troubled young people need to know what we’re looking for, so that we can help. It could be a life or death issue…

Risk factors you should know about…

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Self-harm 1: 2400 kids can’t be wrong…

Talking self-harm

I’ve long since lost count of the number of young people I’ve encountered who harm themselves deliberately.

Lots of kids self-harm. Research suggests as many as 1 in 12.

It’s something you remain acutely concerned about, but begin to think of differently after a while. Not that you get used to it; you don’t. But you get to know it; to understand it better.

Most important of all, you learn to deal with it sensitively and sensibly. In other words, you empathise with the child, whilst taking the risks seriously.

So what do we know about kids who self-harm?

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