Child Protection From Pornography Goes Way Beyond ISPs…

ChildEyesIn the wake of Mark Bridger’s conviction for the abduction and murder of April Jones, there has been a media hue and cry about the need to prevent access to online “child pornography.” In the cross-hairs are the internet service providers, or ISPs.

This is a cause I feel very strongly about, so I will reserve most of my ire for a future post on the subject.

However, there is something closer to home, more immediate and much more easily challenged, that requires our attention – that of the sexual imagery that our children see everyday. It is all around us. In the shop, the garage, the supermarket, the street; the kinds of places we all go. The trouble is, our children come too.

Watch this short video-post from the YourChildEyes campaign, to see what I mean.

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Child Protection & Organisational Safety…

ImageNOTA is hosting a one day conference in the midlands on the 20 June 2013, to explore the the theory, research and practice related to child protection and organisational safety.  Speakers include Marcus Erooga, Donald Findlater and Joe Sullivan.

The conference is being organised to to develop understanding of the abuse of children and young people by people in positions of organisational trust, and how this understanding can improve prevention, intervention and treatment efforts.

  • KEYNOTE 1 – Situational Prevention – What are the Lessons being Learned by Organisations that work with Children about the Prevention of Sexual Abuse? Donald Findlater, Director of Research and Development, Lucy Faithfull Foundation; Sexual Abuse Prevention Campaign, Stop It Now! UK & Ireland
  • KEYNOTE 2 – Inside the Minds of Professionals who Sexually Molest the Children with Whom they Work. Dr Joe Sullivan, Director of Behaviour Analysis & Forensic Psychology, Mentor Forensic Services, Cork, Ireland
  • KEYNOTE 3 – Creating Safer Organisations: Practical Implications of Research about Abuse in Professional Settings. Marcus Erooga, Independent Child Protection Consultant, Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Applied Childhood Studies, University of Huddersfield and Associate Editor, Journal of Sexual Aggression

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Editorial – Journal of Sexual Agression, March 2012


Journal of Sexual Aggression


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Special Issue – Children & Young People Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour


This special issue sprang from a conversation with editor, Sarah Brown, during NOTA conference some 3 or 4 years ago.  One of my fellow editors, Kevin Creeden, had presented on the neurological impact of trauma and the effects of this on young people’s functioning and behaviour generally, and on their sexual behaviour in particular.  My other co-editor, Dawn Fisher, and I had also been discussing innovative treatments involving mindfulness and bio-feedback techniques, among others.  These emerging issues illustrate the pace at which the child and adolescent harmful sexual behaviour field is developing.  Altogether, the time seemed ripe for an issue exploring current thinking and research relating to this group of younger people – so here it is!

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Identifying & Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend

Identifying & Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend


Book review…

By Jonny Matthew

This review was originally published in the Journal of Sexual Aggression – the journal of The National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA)

Identifying and Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend: Current Approaches, Techniques and Research Edited by Robert Geffner, Kristina Crumpton Franey, Teri Geffner Arnold, Robert Falconer. 2204. pp. xxi + 317. ISBN 0 7890 2787 9.

Those searching for a reference source which addresses the principal area of ‘adolescents who sexually offend’, from both a clinical and research perspective, need look no further.

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Barnardo’s Studying Girls Who Sexually Abuse Others…


Today the BBC website published news of a study being undertaken by Barnardo’s Cymru Taith Service.  The Service, which provides assessment and interventions for children and young people aged 8-18 with sexual behaviour problems, has secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to research how the problem effect girls specifically.

Previous research has primarily focussed on work with adult male offenders; however, in recent years studies have been conducted into adolescent males and, more recently, adult women who offend sexually.  To date, however, girls have been left out.  The Taith study hopes to contribute to future assessment and treatment paradigms and to influence policy concerning this important but minority group.

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