Harmful sexual behaviour: getting risk in perspective…

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“How risky is he, out of 10?” “Is she high, medium or low risk?” My answer is always the same, “it depends…”

I’ve written previously on some essentials of risk assessment in children with sexual behaviour problems, but this came up again this week in conversation. It got me thinking…

Now, we all want to minimise risk, reduce the number of victims, etc. This is a given.

But I want to share some thoughts on why risk needs to be kept in proper perspective…

Keeping risk in perspective…

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11 things you need to know about online child abuse…

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Online sexual offending is changing…

Most of us know that children fall victim to sexual abuse online. But how much do we know about how it happens?

The latest threat report from CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre) outlines a number of developments in the way offenders prey on children.

How kids get “hooked” by offenders…

Here is a quick summary of the major trends and changes in the way Britain’s estimated 50,000 online sexual offenders seek to abuse using the internet:

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Editorial – Journal of Sexual Agression, March 2012


Journal of Sexual Aggression


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Special Issue – Children & Young People Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour


This special issue sprang from a conversation with editor, Sarah Brown, during NOTA conference some 3 or 4 years ago.  One of my fellow editors, Kevin Creeden, had presented on the neurological impact of trauma and the effects of this on young people’s functioning and behaviour generally, and on their sexual behaviour in particular.  My other co-editor, Dawn Fisher, and I had also been discussing innovative treatments involving mindfulness and bio-feedback techniques, among others.  These emerging issues illustrate the pace at which the child and adolescent harmful sexual behaviour field is developing.  Altogether, the time seemed ripe for an issue exploring current thinking and research relating to this group of younger people – so here it is!

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What Works in Preventing & Treating Sexual Abuse…?

Video with David Prescott

Watch this short video to hear what David Prescott has to say about sexual abuse prevention.

David has thirty plus years of experience working in the sexual abuse field.

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This is a useful summary of the principal issues at stake in the practical treatment of the problem, with a plea for a number of attitudinal, policy and funding changes to boot.

Check out my resources page for dealing with harmful sexual behaviour – here.

What do you think?…

  • What are your tips for working with sexual abuse?
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© Jonny Matthew 2016 (2013)

Identifying & Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend

Identifying & Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend


Book review…

By Jonny Matthew

This review was originally published in the Journal of Sexual Aggression – the journal of The National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA)

Identifying and Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend: Current Approaches, Techniques and Research Edited by Robert Geffner, Kristina Crumpton Franey, Teri Geffner Arnold, Robert Falconer. 2204. pp. xxi + 317. ISBN 0 7890 2787 9.

Those searching for a reference source which addresses the principal area of ‘adolescents who sexually offend’, from both a clinical and research perspective, need look no further.

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Basically…..Porn Is Everywhere

Image 26-05-2013 at 20.46

This report, entitled “Basically… porn is everywhere,” was commissioned by the office of the Children’s Commissioner for England.  The work was led by Middlesex University and was a collaboration of four universities.  The guiding questions for the enquiry were:

1. Identify and assess the existing evidence base on children and young people’s access and exposure to pornography.

2. Identify and assess the existing evidence base on the effects that access and exposure to pornography have on children and young people’s sexual expectations, attitudes and behaviours.

3. Draw upon existing literature reviews and meta-analyses on the associations between access and exposure to sexualised or violent visual imagery on children and young people, and consider whether this bears relevance to the issue in question.

To read and/or download the report, click the image above, or here.

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