Secure care

10 practice tips...

My few years working in secure residential child care was probably the steepest learning curve of my career to date.

It is a unique hot-house of challenge and delights.

Image courtesy of ©123rf/Haessig Jérémy

Image courtesy of ©123rf/Haessig Jérémy

So how can we do it better?

There are lessons here for everybody…

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Teaching kids about money

You can do it with Henry's help...

To be honest, I’ve found this issue a real struggle. How do you teach kids about money?

As a parent I want to get it right. Yet I find myself constantly struggling to know how best to handle it.

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

Image courtesy of ©123rf/My Make OU (Adapted)

This app really helped me…

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A model for helping troubled kids to recover…

The Trauma Recovery Model...

Ever felt lost for what to do next with a child or young person? Wondering what on earth you can do to make a difference?

Wouldn’t it be great to have map to show you the way?

TRM schematic ©Jonny Matthew & Tricia Skuse

TRM schematic ©Jonny Matthew & Tricia Skuse

Well now there’s a model which brings together needs, behaviour and interventions. It also takes account of development and suggests the sequence in which interventions should be applied.

Back to the drawing board…

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Why kids’ brains really matter…

Every now and again something new comes along that changes things significantly.

In my view, right now that thing is our new understanding of how brain function is affected by abuse.

Sketch - why childrens brains matter

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/kasza (adapted)

We now know that children who have suffered maltreatment in their early years, have a lot more than bad memories to deal with.

Why you need to know a bit about brains…

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3 top tips for staying effective…

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career with troubled young people?

Mmm. Not easy is it?!

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/alexwhite

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/alexwhite (adapted)

I was asked this recently and was surprised by my own conclusions…

My 3 top tips for doing a fab job with children and young people…

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Introducing the TRM website…

I’m delighted to introduce you to a new website – 

Myself and my colleague, Dr Tricia Skuse, have finally set up an online place for our model, The TRM.

TRM diagram - white with text large@2x

For those of you who work with troubled young people, in whatever field, this is for you…

To visit the site click here. There’s space for you to enter your email if you want to subscribe for future updates.


"Jonny" signature...


Teens who give back – what to do when a young person offers you a gift…

The Christmas rush has begun – ludicrously early, in my view, but it’s definitely underway!

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/Koosen

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/Koosen

So, as our minds turn to buying Christmas presents, I was put in mind of a dilemma that occurs when young people try to give us something back…

What to do when a young person offers you a gift…

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Apps to help you help teenagers – No.5: KnowDrugs…

When I was a student. I spent a year working in street-based drugs project. What an eye-opener that was!

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/Sereniy

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/Sereniy

Anyone seeking to help troubled young people is going to come across the drugs issue sooner or later.

Are you ready for it? How much do you know?

Here’s a way you can have great information at your finger tips…

The KnowDrugs App… 

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Apps to help you help troubled young people – No. 4… ZIPIT

Who would send an inappropriate picture of themselves to a journalist?

Well, it happens – a British member of parliament did it just recently!

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/loganban

Photo courtesy of ©123RF/loganban

I’ve written before about the dangers and pressures young people can encounter online. The pressure to send indecent selfies is one.

How can we help young people resist this pressure?…

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