The following videos are grouped together by theme – some as individual films, others in groups. They are all available to view for free over on my YouTube channel, too – here.


Creating Family Trees – A Quick Tutorial Using a Free Google App…

This 23 minute video tutorial shows you how to use the Google app, ‘Lucidchart’ to create a simple family tree.

There’s also a blog post about how family trees can be really useful in working to help troubled kids and their families – read more here.


Troubled Kids Sound Bites Series – Chapter Summaries From My Book…

This is a series of chapter summaries from my book: Working With Troubled Children & Teenagers.

So far we have:

  • Respect
  • Trust 1/2
  • Trust 2/2
  • Motivation

Just click on the thumbnail of the video you want to watch then click play in the main screen section.

Get more info on the book itself – here.  Or buy it on Amazon – here.

Why Punishment Doesn’t Work for Troubled Kids…

This was one of my early videos on Periscope.

It sums up my thoughts on how we need to change our approach to troubled behaviour generally and serious offending behaviour in particular.