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Here are some of the organisations that I have worked with to date…

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When things get really busy, the pressure can be intense. Sometimes all we need is a little help!

I am glad to consider a range of training, consultancy, research, writing/editorial, managerial, social work and other tasks. Please get in touch if you think a discussion would be useful. Here are some things I may be able to help with:


I’m happy to help out wherever possible on an informal pro bono basis. If you would like to discuss a case (anonymously) or other

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needs, please email or leave a voicemail via the green button on the far right of the screen. There’s no obligation!

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Endorsement - Phil RichSexual behaviour assessments…

I have 10 years experience in carrying out assessments of problematic sexual behaviour in children and young people(SHB/HSB). Whether it be for child protection proceedings, family Court, to inform sentencing in the criminal Court or for the purposes of children in need plans-or indeed for any other reason-I am usually available to discuss cases and undertake assessments at short notice.

Please email or leave a voicemail (green button on the right of this screen) for a no obligation conversation.

Support & consultancy for managers & staff working with HSB/SHB…

Many Local Authorities‘ children’s services and youth offending teams are now training staff to undertake harmful sexual behaviour assessments and direct work.

These staff and their managers need to be supported to ensure good governance, to monitor the impact of the work and provide quality assurance.

I’m already providing consultation in this field to the statutory and private sector so I’d be happy to discuss this further with you; just let me know!


Training / Lecturing / Presentations…Endorsement - Tony Ward 3 Blue

All my training can be tailored to the needs, experience and ability of the group.

Some example training I have available:

  • Sexually harmful behaviour in children & young people
  • Balancing risks & needs
  • Sexual abuse awareness raising
  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Safer-caring for foster carers
  • Child protection – history – contemporary issues
  • Attachment & child development
  • Impact of trauma & maltreatment on child development
  • Sexual behaviour in younger children – what’s OK & what isn’t?…

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Endorsement - Ruth LewThese are just example areas that I can work with. However, please get in touch to discuss your needs, as not everything is listed here and I can write new or tailor existing material to suit.

Please make contact for a conversation about your needs. Where I cannot provide training personally, I’m very happy to recommend associates, including those with expertise in:

  • Clinical and forensic psychology
  • Social work
  • Child protection
  • Play therapy, etc.
  • Substance misuse

NOTA training information can be found here.


My particular specialism is in the area of children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviour. These may be younger children with reactive behaviour problems, through to teenagers serving custodial sentences for serious sexual offences. If I can help, please contact me.

Others areas where I may be able to assist are:WCCSJ presenting

  • Staff development
  • Policy formulation
  • Support consultation for managers
  • Case consultation for staff dealing with complex cases
  • Safer caring for foster carers
  • Understanding and dealing with challenging behaviour


I have experience of working with social services and YOTs in the community, in custody (SCH, STC and YOI) and residential childcare and am available to join inspection teams in any of these or other care settings.

I currently undertake Reg.32 inspections in children’s homes, too.


I have experience at writing, as a practitioner, a manager, a blogger and for publication. I also like editing documents (strange, I know!), so please contact me if this is something you would like me to consider.

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If in doubt, please get in touch. If for any reason I can’t help, I’ll be happy to point you to someone who can!


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If you prefer, you can always send me a voice message for free here:

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