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This is my favourite podcast – brilliant for a neurological swim in the deep end!

In episode 63, David Bainbridge – veterinary anatomist at Cambridge University – turns his attention to the machinations of the teenage brain.  The focus of the episode is on how the brain changes during this crucial phase of development.

He discusses his book, Teenagers: A Natural History (which is excellent by the way!) and talks about why teenagers behave the way they do. He addresses the popular myth that teenagers are a relatively recent phenomenon, an offspring of modern developed societies, and locates the issue clearly inside the massive biological transition from childhood to adulthood that takes place during these years.

If, like me,  you work with troubled young people in youth justice, or in CAMHS, social services, residential care, custody, youth work, etc. this episode might be of interest.  In my view, we need to shift the focus of most interventions away from the behaviour of troubled young people – i.e. what they do – and start delving more deeply into the questions about why they do them… This podcast discussion is a good step in that direction.

Give it a listen – it’s well worth it.  Enjoy!…
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