ChildEyesIn the wake of Mark Bridger’s conviction for the abduction and murder of April Jones, there has been a media hue and cry about the need to prevent access to online “child pornography.” In the cross-hairs are the internet service providers, or ISPs.
This is a cause I feel very strongly about, so I will reserve most of my ire for a future post on the subject.
However, there is something closer to home, more immediate and much more easily challenged, that requires our attention – that of the sexual imagery that our children see everyday. It is all around us. In the shop, the garage, the supermarket, the street; the kinds of places we all go. The trouble is, our children come too.
Watch this short video-post from the YourChildEyes campaign, to see what I mean.

Follow the campaign at @ChildEyesUK and

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