Written on an iPad Mini using Penultimate

Written on an iPad Mini using Penultimate

This is a slight (!) departure from my usual subject matter. But I’m hoping it’ll help some people.
I’ve had several conversations in the last two days that prompted me to write this.
They amount to people expressing interest in things other than work matters.
For example:

  • A colleague wanting to know about setting up online file storage
  • A discussion with fellow parents at a school open evening about my taking notes on an iPad
  • Being asked to advise an organisation on their social media use, and, similarly…
  • A friend asking for help using Twitter and other social media platforms

So I thought the occasional brief post, now and again, outlining some useful tools that I use, might benefit others too. So here goes:

Productivity & efficiency on the move…

Before I proceed, I should declare my hand – I love Apple stuff.
In the last 12 months I have moved over completely to Apple hardware for mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. It was a very good move. I have listed and reviewed all of these here.
Now, lets look at a bit of kit that is a delight to use and has become ubilically connected to me over the last 12 months!

Photo ©JonnyMatthew

Photo ©JonnyMatthew

iPad Mini
This is the gadget that I use most when I’m on the move (or sat in front of the telly).
The portability is superb and it’s very easy to use. Also, I find, it allows that bit more visibility, speed, flexibility and clarity than the iPhone.
I use it for:

  • Diary
  • Financial recording
  • Note-taking
  • Emailing
  • Web surfing 
  • Reading
  • To Do list
  • Texting (to other Apple users)
  • Social media

Amongst lots of other things…
You’ll know about apps. There are 1000s of these that enable you to do pretty much anything you can imagine. Some are free, others aren’t. So whatever you’re in to, the chances are that there’ll be an app for it.
The app I used for taking notes at the school open evening, is called Penultimate. It’s part of the Evernote stable and allows you to “write” on the tablet using a stylus – just like a pen. It’s brilliant!

Which version shall I get?…

The iPad use is a WiFi and 3G version which can get online anywhere that there is a mobile signal.
The WiFi only one is around £100 cheaper and so is more affordable. This version is sufficient for most people, I would say.
If you really need to get online when out of range of WiFi, you can tether the iPad Mini to your iPhone and use the phone’s signal to get online anyway. Easy!

Converted skeptic…

For a number of years I was skeptical about Apple stuff. It seemed to me to be a bit exclusive and expensive. It couldn’t really be that good, surely?
I discovered that it is. I’m sold. If you’re a skeptic, I’d encourage you to find a friend who uses Apple stuff and ask them for a test drive.
If you make the move, I’m confident that you won’t regret it!

© Jonny Matthew 2013

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