I know many of you use Twitter – me too! Well now there’s something morePeriscope… Twitter’s new live broadcast app.

Image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

Image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

And even if you DON’T use Twitter, Periscope is a good reason to reconsider!

Reasons why you should join Periscope…

Before you think I know lots about this, I need to make a confession – I’m new to it myself!
But in the last week or so, I’ve fallen for Periscope big style.

How does it work?

It allows users to broadcast live to their followers anywhere, anytime. If you miss something, you can watch it later, on demand – it’s fab!
I’ve already been watching broadcasts by some of my favourite bloggers and other influencers – I love being able to access their stuff for free at my convenience.
If you happen to catch the broadcast live, you can interact with the broadcaster by commenting (e.g. asking a question, responding to one or simply saying what you think) or tapping the screen which sends a heart symbol to say you’re enjoying it.
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Why it’s good…

  • It gives a voice to the people you connect with – no longer are they just a name, head shot or avatar. Periscope lets you hear and see people in real time (or later).
  • You can watch on your own terms – catching a broadcast live is fab because you get to join in by commenting, asking questions, etc. Or you can find someone you want to hear and listen to their stuff at a time to suit you.
  • Listen & watch rather than read – not everyone reads blogs. Some prefer podcasts or don’t bother with either. Well here’s another option – to watch and/or listen instead.
  • Easy access to great free content – Periscope gives you access to some really good content from some great people… At NO cost. It’s free! What more reason do you need than that?

Jonny on Periscope…

I’ve decided that I want to make my content available to you guys in Periscope too!

image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

image courtesy of ©Twitter/Periscope

The blog will continue, as always. But I will also be releasing material on Periscope. I haven’t decided how often yet – time will be a factor.
But my opening goal will be as follows:

  • One blog post a week – just like now, plus…
  • One Periscope broadcast each week.

I have built a page on the website where folk can replay the “scopes” any time they want – so even if I can’t tempt you to join Periscope, you can still have access to the broadcasts.
Some of the scopes will be new content. Some will be previous blog posts just in a different format.
So, let me encourage you to check out Periscope – you just might love it! :0)
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Download Periscope here – it’s free! 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, look for me @jonnymatthew and click “follow” – simples!
[callout]My first introductory Scope will be broadcast at around 9 am on Thursday 3rd September…[/callout]
Here are the download links:

Pass it on…

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