Wow, it’s been another full-on year! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a breather.

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/John McAllister

Photo courtesy of ©123rf/John McAllister

But before that, get a load of this…

The “other” perspective…

It’s at times like this-imminent holidays-when I can’t help myself but think about those who won’t have such a fab time – the kids we work with. We think we’ve had a tough year!…
This isn’t morbid. It doesn’t spoil our ability to relax and enjoy the benefits of our hard work. But I do wonder what it must be like to be in the care system at Christmas?…
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So, I hope you have a fantastic time and get some serious relaxing done, along with your friends and family. But before you do, spare a quick thought for the children and young people who are away from home at this time of year.
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Blog break…

In true Christmas tradition, I’ll be having a couple of weeks off from writing – may be a little more. The next one is due on or around Sunday 6th January (unless the ADHD gets the better of me in the meantime!).
Until then, I wish you all a very…


And thanks for all your support and contributions this year!
Have a good one! Cheers,

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Photo courtesy ©123rf/Ion Chiosea

Photo courtesy ©123rf/Ion Chiosea

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