There are sooo many great books. And too little time to read them!

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Here’s an answer…

If we want to get better, we need to read. Few would argue with that.

Whether it’s…

– Journals

– Magazines

– Research papers

Reading is central to the struggle for improved practice.

But how on Earth are we supposed to carve out time to read when we have so much else to do?

Great question!

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The time problem…

Balancing family, kids, work and everything that goes with them (bills, car, admin, diary, etc.) is always a struggle.

How to Read When You're Busy - Pt.1 Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto /PhotoEuphoria

How to Read When You’re Busy – Pt.1
Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto /PhotoEuphoria

So reading never quite seems to fit in – it just takes up too much time. And time is something that’s hard to come by, right?

Well…. Yes. But No. Here’s what I mean. How often do you…

– Commute – by train, car, bus or walking?

– Do tasks at home – washing up, ironing, preparing meals?

– Take the dog out or lie in the bath?

Most of us do at least one of these. Probably everyday!

Here’s our chance!

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This worked for me…

Before you think I’m nuts for suggesting you can cook or drive your car whilst reading a book – that’s not what I’m saying!  :0)

Here’s what I mean – audio books!

These are spoken versions of the book you want to “read.”

There are literally thousands of audio books available. Many them are unabridged – so they are exactly the same as the printed book. Only someone reads it to you!

I use – it’s linked to Amazon. So if you’re already signed up with Amazon, to can start using Audible straight away!

You can get a 30-day FREE trial here – if you want to give it a whirl.

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Here’s what I do…

I get onto my Audible account every now and again and search for books I’m interested in.When I find something I might want to buy, I add it to my wish list – this is dead easy to do on the Audible site or via the phone or tablet app.

When I’m ready to go, I download the book – usually onto my phone – and away I go.

Here’s when I listen:

Clock & books - image

How to ReadWhen You’re Busy – Pt.2
Photo courtesy ©iStockphoto/ SarapulSar38

– In the car – this is where most of my “reading” now happens. Both short and long journeys are ideal for a bit of listening time.

– Walking – to get the train, to the shop or the post box, or just for the heck of it; plug in the earphones and I’m good to go!

– Bath/bed – I’m a late bird, so I often listen when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep.

The beauty of audio books is that you can listen when and where you like. And for as long or as little as you like.

It’s your call!

Final word…

The way to stay sharp in the work with troubled kids is take in new information.

Information that adds to or challenges our old ideas and practices is a sure way of constantly learning. And learning means improvement.

Struggling to find the time to read? Here’s the answer – “read” with your ears!  :0)

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What do you think?…

  • When/where do you read? Are you already a fan of audio books? What would you recommend?
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