This book – Tuesdays With Morrie – was recommended to me a couple of weeks ago by a colleague, so I gave it a go – I’m glad I did.

I gave it 4 stars. Here’s why:

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This is a heart-warming and interesting book that deals with the biggest topics of all – life and death. It does so through the conversation between a younger man and an older man. The old professor, Morrie Schwartz is dying of ALS and, after a separation of some 16 years, he’s reunited with a former student, Mitch Albom (author).

Their conversations span the last few months of Morrie’s life, during which they explore the meaning of it all. Love, family, money, possessions, relationships, death, and more, all come under the microscope. The obvious though searching questions of the younger man are dealt with graciously and incisively by the older, much wiser sociology professor.

In short, the book is a questioning and challenging of modern culture in which shallow worries, meaningless conformity and rampant materialism swamp the things that really matter – the ones we love and the chance to give to others. A really enjoyable read.

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– The mechanism of using the relationship between two connected but previously estranged people, really works. You have sympathy with both characters which makes the narrative compelling and easy to follow.

– Despite the American context and the subject matter, this is manifestly not a gooey, schmaltzy book – not at all. It’s moving in places – very moving – but manages to do this without feeling manipulative. The narrative just IS moving, it’s not trying to be.

– Maybe that’s because both characters are believable – neither is stereotyped or a caricature. The younger man is respectful but doesn’t shy away from asking the awkward questions or gently challenging the wisdom of the older. Morrie is kind but full of authority. It just works.

– The chapter length, section cohesion and overall length of the book work well. It was neither too long nor too short – just right.

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– Nothing to report here. I really liked it.


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