Having negotiated our way through the onset of the virus, a shortage of loo roll and home-schooling, we now have to think about getting kids back to school after being at home for more than 2 months.

This bring with it all sorts of challenges, including:

      • Children’s anxieties
      • Children’s excitement (both?!)
      • Our own anxieties as a parent or carer
      • Not feeling ready enough for lockdown to end
      • Questions about what it will be like for the kids
      • Will they cope with the ‘new normal’ – whatever that is…

And on it goes; lots of unknowns, lots of questions and, most of all, lots of difficult feelings to deal with both in ourselves and the children we care for.

Help is at hand…

Dr Tricia Skuse, consultant clinical psychologist at TRM Academy, has prepared some guidance to help with this process.

The guidance covers:

      • What does anxiety look like?
      • Dealing with our own worries
      • Helping children prepare for school
      • Handling the return to school itself
      • Supporting children as they adjust

Above all, this guidance is VERY PRACTICAL and, very importantly, it’s FREE to download – here

Other stuff on post-COVID education

Here are a couple of other documents aimed at dealing with the transition back into education after lockdown:

What do you think?…

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