I’ve often said the you are your most important client – emphasising the need to look after yourself in order to have what it takes to help others.

Well this book takes another tack – it addresses what the author, Ryan Holiday, describes as: ‘The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent.’ That opponent is us – ourselves!

Ego Is The Enemy…

It’s an odd name for a book. But this is one of my favourite all-time reads – defo a top 5 book!

I came across it when my brother posted about it. He’s a voracious reader and a person of impeccable taste so I decided to give it go – I’m so glad I did as it turned out to be an absolute corker!


Ryan Holiday is a massive fan of Stoic philosophy and has made this his ‘thing.’ This book is rooted in Stoicism, as was the book before this, The Obstacle is the Way.

Before you lose heart, you don’t need to know about or be a fan of philosophy of any kind to benefit from this book – even to LOVE this book. I have since read much more around this subject, but had no real idea at all about stoic thought prior to reading Ego Is The Enemy.

It stands alone as a great read, regardless of your philosophical religious or any other stand point.

Watch the video here:

The video starts at the point of the book review. To watch the whole video visit You Tube – here.

Final word…

If we are both our most important client and our greatest enemy, then we have a fine path to tread! We have to ensure that we have the rest, learning and support we need to perform at our best, and – at the same time – we have to remember that we are fallible and have lots still to learn.

For my money, this book goes a long way to helping we strike that balance. I hope you enjoy it, too!


If you are interested in reading more on Stoicism and how it can assist in daily life, try this from the same author – The Daily Stoic.

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