Those of you who watched the live streams we did this summer will be familiar with Harry – a hound who speaks to kids and encourages them, helping them cope with difficult situations.

The first book looked at how Harry and his Mum handled the return to school after lockdown. Book two was about his move up to high school  a tricky step for even the most robust of children.

Book 3…

Harry’s third book won’t disappoint those who enjoyed the first 2.

The format is unchanged – Harry uses simple rhyming language to draw out the important message that kindness is amazing and those who are kind to others can do amazing things!

School emphasis…

The context for much of this 3rd book is school.

Children have tackle all sorts of challenges at school, including:

    • Starting a new school
    • Feeling sad at school
    • Feeling isolated
    • Having to play alone sometimes
    • Being laughed at or called names
    • When others are nasty

Harry’s core message here is that kindness can help overcome all of these challenges!

What’s not to like?…

As always, Neil has kept this refreshingly simple, with accessible naturally rhyming language and situations kids will easily relate to.

Along with Kyle’s brilliant design, this is another win from the Harry stable.

It’ll make a great sticking filler for kids from nursery age through to around year 3 or 4, depending on the child. Get it here:

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