Looking After No. 1

Self-Care for People Working with Troubled Children
Sometimes we overlook our own well-being when we are immersed in working with children to improve their lives. There are times when practitioners get tired, frustrated or refer to having experienced “burn out” as if this is the norm. Of course this should not be the norm and what Jonny Matthew has done here is give everyone a very easy to read book wth some top tips on how we should be mindful of protecting our own well-being. After all a poorly functioning practitioner is not going to be that helpful to any child.

The strength of this book is the way in which Jonny links in his own experience with an openness and honesty that gives his ideas and tips an authenticity that resonates strongly and leaves you reflecting on your own experience. If you ever wondered what good supervision should be all about this book will help you. And if you are working with children and young people in a professional capacity this quick read will leave you with much to think on as you develop your own practice whilst remembering to protect your physical and mental well-being.

It’s a top read from a top practitioner.

Keith Towler

Former Wales Children’s Commissioner, Youth Justice Board Member

Filled with practical advice & tips, this easy-to-read book will renew your interest in the need for self-care if you are to remain effective in your work.

Jonny has tried & tested the methods over several decades – this is the “What Works”, rather than an idealistic theoretical approach to coping in the long-run & maintaining top-level performance in challenging environments.

This book is all about sustainability in the face of adversity – Small & incremental practical steps can be taken to reclaim some re-energising ‘Me’ time.

Read this book, take the advice, & enjoy a long, fulfilled career.

Alex Clapson

Director of TalkWorks, Social Worker, Leading Mentor & Coach

In this book you'll learn...

  • The need for honesty about the impact of work
  • The importance of remembering our “why”
  • How to beat burnout
  • Practical hacks for doing better self-care
  • Tips for building self-care into your routine
  • How to enlist the support of others

There are action points at the end of sections to help us identify change and start taking small steps towards better practice.

If you want to be the best version of yourself and do the best possible job for the kids you work with – in whatever capacity – this book is for you.


Looking After No.1

The bullet-proof worker

Macho work culture

Remembering your ‘why’

Strategic reasons to ditch the macho

Beating burnout

Practical hacks

The great escape

Clinical supervision

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