Fostering & Kinship Care


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I have a real bee in my bonnet about fostering and kinship care.

Basically, I think they are brilliant! They are under-rated, under-funded and, most of all, under-appreciated.

So I wanted to do my bit to make information available that might be useful to both groups of people. Here goes:

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Foster Care

I’ve written a few blog posts on foster care, including this one…

Foster care information…

Here’re some info links that might be useful…


Kinship Care

I’ve written a couple of posts on kinship care – maybe start with this one…

More info for kinship carers

  • Gathering: Kinfest – an annual get together of those caring for children from their own families…


  • Fostering regulations and guidance, here
  • Regulations, statutory guidance & national minimum standards for children’s services (Wales) – here
  • National minimum standards (England), here

Please let me know if you know of resources you come across that might help others – thanks!

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