What To Do When Children Disclose

How to respond when children tell you their difficult stuff...

‘Extremely helpful, practical guidance for those of us working with these very vulnerable young people who put their trust in us.’

‘Jonny just gets it and helps to clarify the very muddy waters over disclosures.’ 

Youth Justice Social Worker

‘I really like the way this is written and believe it will be a useful resource for many.’ 

‘An easy read, it will enable those who are privileged to be “chosen” to hear a child’s disclosure, giving them the confidence to take appropriate action.’

Social Worker

‘That is a very clear analysis and a simply written piece of work. Precise, easy to follow and in layman’s terms.’

College SENDCO

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What this book's about...

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions whether I have anything available that would provide information on what to do when children talk about what’s happened to them – disclosure.

The impression I get from these questions, is that not only do people want something that will help them decide what best to do, but that they want something that is easy to understand and very practical.

That is what I’ve tried to do here.

Basically, the information that follows is a pulling together of what I’ve written

previously on the blog. There have been various posts over the last few years which have looked at the issue of responding to children’s disclosures of abuse.

What I’ve done here is to amalgamate that material and add in one or two new thoughts and ideas along the way.

I wish you all the very best as you work to protect and respond to the troubled kids in your care. Go for it!

Cheers, Jonny  (Get your copy for £4.97, here…)

Check out the contents...


Thanks, welcome & introduction

Be clear at the outset

Why ‘passing it on’ is the wrong approach

A word about information sharing

What does a disclosure tell us?

The privilege of a disclosure

Listening – the greatest gift of all

Keeping a record of it all

Why some children struggle to tell

No-one Noticed, No-one Heard

What comes first?

How we can help 

Looking after yourself 

Hear a sample of the audio version...

by Jonny Matthew | What To Do When Children Disclose - sample...

‘A really helpful little book that demystifies the disclosure processes.  An accessible text that clearly details the importance of working with disclosures that arise and ensuring that those disclosing are supported through the process.  Empowering for a reader who will gain an understanding of why a disclosure happened and answers the Why me? Why now? & What do I do next? questions.’ 

Senior Forensic Psychologist

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