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Trauma Recovery Model


The Trauma Recovery Model – or TRM – is a roadmap to help professionals care for and guide troubled children, young people and vulnerable adults towards recovery.

I developed the TRM with Dr. Tricia Skuse in response to the highly complex and challenging young people we worked with; children with multiple adverse childhood experiences, extreme welfare needs and, sometimes, a history of serious offences.

It is a composite model that combines theories of child development, attachment and neuroscience with hands on practitioner skills. It provides practical guidelines for knowing which interventions to use and when.

This means practitioners can recognise the presenting behaviours of vulnerable people in their care, understand the psychological needs that underpin behaviours and can identify the types of interventions that best address those needs.

Working in the TRM way puts relationship building and therapeutic interaction first, mediating the impact of trauma. This paves the way for interventions that are tailored and sequenced in a way that really can make a difference.

The TRM is a tried, tested and evaluated approach that’s being used by practitioners across the UK and beyond; giving them the confidence and skills to help build positive futures.  Learn more…


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